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吴万益讲座教授 2016 Lu, H.Y., Wu, W.Y., & Chen, S.H., Influences on the perceived value of medical travel: The moderating role of risk attitude self-esteem, and word-of-mouth, Current Issues in Tourism, 19(5), 477-491
2014 Wu, W.Y., & Liao, Y.K, The antecedents and consequences of organizational learning on firm’s export performance: A multilevel approach, Pensee Journal, 76, 2, pp306-327
2014 Wu, W.Y., Liao, Y.K. & Chatwuthikrai A., Applying conjoint analysis to evaluate consumer preferences toward subcompact cars., Expert Systems with Applications, 41, 6, pp2782-2792
2013 Wu, W.Y., Lee, C.L., Fu, C.S., & Wang, H.C., How can Online Store Layout Design and Atmosphere Influence Consumer Shopping Intention on a Website?, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management,, 42, 1, pp4-24
2012 Wu, W.Y., & Liao, Y.K., A Balance Scorecard Envelopment Approach to Assess Airlines Performance., Industrial Management & Data System, 114, 1, pp123-143
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洪嘉声教授 2013        An empirical study of the relationship between a self-service technology investment and firm financial performance, ournal of Engineering and Technology Management , 29, pp62-70
2013 A Comparative Study of Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques for Customer Lifetime Value Prediction, Kybernetes., 42, 3, pp357-370
2012 实施全民健康保险对公立医院经营效率影响之评估, 台大管理论丛
2012 2012An empirical study of the relationship between a self-service technology investment and firm financial performanceJournal of Engineering and Technology Management29pp62-70
2010 2010The Influence of Service Channel and Customer Segment on the Relationship between Self-service Technology and PerformanceInternational Journal of Management Theory and Practice.11pp5-1 
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赖丞坡副教授兼学程主任 2016        产险业之策略对财务体质不佳的影响分量回归分析, 风险管理学报
2014 Critical Success Factors for Knowledge Management Implementation in Life Insurance Enterprises, International Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 7, 2, pp79-89
2014 2014Knowledge Management Adoption and Diffusion Using Structural Equation ModelingGlobal Journal of Business Research81pp39-56
2013 2013Exploring How Knowledge Management is Adopted and Applied in the Life Insurance IndustryThe Empirical Economics Letters1210pp1051-1061
2013 2013,非都会区证券业服务品质与顾客满意度之研究以某证券公司为例,人文与应用科学期刊,5pp57-70
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陈宝媛副教授 2014        2014,应用计划行为理论探讨长期照护机构住民持续入住之行为意图,当代商管研究,61
2009 2009,汇率波动对出口贸易量之非线性动态影响-台湾与美国之实证研究,台湾银行季刊,200-223
着作人 年度 论文名称
廖永熙副教授 2016 2016Beta Asymmetry in the Global Stock Markets Following the Subprime Mortgage Crisisemerging market finance and trade529pp2195-2207
2015 2015,住宅学报/金融海啸蔓延效应-REITs市场为例,242pp73-95
2013 2013The transitory and permanent components of return volatility in Asian stock markets Investment Management and Financial Innovations104pp181-188
2013 2013Herding Behavior during the Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Evidence from Six Asia-Pacific Stock Markets International Journal of Economics and Financepp71-84
2012 2012What Property-Type REITs Are Inflation Hedges? Evidence from the U.S.Empirical Economics Letters1112pp1259-1266
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廖永熙副教授 2015 2015,股市讯息与会计讯息的价值攸关性比较-台湾上市公司之抽样研究,华人经济研究,132
2015 2015,全球金融危机过后 中、美股市对亚洲股市影响力消长之研究,辅仁管理评论
2013 2013Is transaction price more value relevant compared to accounting information? An investigation of a time-series approachPacific-Basin Finance Journal
2012 2012A study of stock price behavior in Taiwan via residual income valuation theory and structural identificationReview of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies
2012 2012,中国加入WTO之后与主要贸易往来国家的动态股市关联性之研究,创新与管理期刊
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陆海文副教授 2015 2015,消费者对乳酸菌商品在台北市四家社区药局之购买行为研究,嘉南学报第41期,41pp204-218
2013 2013The Mechanism of coffee evaluation system Gukeng Agriculture Association as An ExampleJournal of Information Management13pp58-64
2009 2009Ordered Categorical Data in Fuzzy Ranking Applied to Service Quality for Western Restaurants204pp505-518
2009 2009Prediction Intervals for an Ordered Observayion from Weibull Distribution Based on Censored SamplesXommunications in Statistics- Simulation and Computation38pp288-307
2008 2008Responses and comments to A n Extended Assignment Problem Considering Multiple Inputs andOutputsApplied Mathematical Modelling32pp2463-2466
着作人 年度 论文名称
廖英凯助理教授 2015 Fang, S. C., & Liao, Y. K., The Influence of Brand Personality and Consumer-Brand Identification on Behavioral Loyalty: Moderating Roles of consumer Inertia and Word-of-Mouth., Management Review.
2015 Fang, S. C., & Liao, Y. K. , The Influence of Brand Personality and Consumer-Brand Identification on Behavioral Loyalty: Moderating Roles of consumer.Inertia and Word-of-Mouth, Management Review, 34(3), pp51-67
2014 Wu, W.Y., & Liao, Y.K. (2014). A balanced scorecard envelopment approach to asse, A balanced scorecard envelopment approach to asses airline’s performance., Management & Data Systems,, 114, 1, pp123-143
2013 Anridho, N. & Liao, Y. K., The Mediation Roles of Brand Credibility and Attitude on the Performance of Cause-Related Marketing., International Journal of Social Sciences and Education, 4, 1, pp266-276