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2014 Year school performance

Nanhua University saw an entrance examination acceptance rate of 101% for the 2014 academic year. We accepted 545 students this year, and recruited an additional four resulting in the total admission of 549 foreign students. Approximately 60% of our 22 departments witnessed higher acceptance scores, with the lowest score up by 24 points and the highest score up by 33 points. This was a successful year for recruitment.
During the past two years, Nanhua University has achieved great results in administering the scholarship programs to outstanding and disadvantaged students alike as well as supporting overseas studies. The subsidy from the Ministry of Education for teaching excellence project stand as testimonial of our track record.
In the 2014 academic year, we launched our policy of keeping our tuition at a low level comparable to state universities, and we started to offer 2+2 degrees, in conjunction with internships and employment guarantee for outstanding students. All these measures have proven to be popular with students and parents, evidenced by the massive improvement of scores for admitted students in the entrance exams and General Scholastic Ability Test. Our student recruitment has improved significantly.