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Core Competence and education goals

International Business Bachelor 's Degree Education Objectives, Core Competence and Capabilities
Core competence Department core competence Education Objectives: "To cultivate talented or international trades for Taiwanese companies or international trading companies whose offices are located in oversea countries to cooperate with management and self-conscious learning or international trade management talent"
Core competence Definition of Core Competence Academic ability indicators (inspection indicators)
Professional Knowledge Management related to professional knowledge (professional force) International marketing and international trade expertise
With international marketing and international trade and other related industries expertise and skills and independent thinking and show professional attitude, with a view to the international marketing, international trade-related industries role. 1. Enhance marketing and international trade expertise  
2. Promote independent thinking skills and professional work ability.
Consciously study
Consciously study
Consciously study
Be able to acquire self-understanding skill, reflection and awareness and strengthen self-confidence, continuous learning, and multiple exploration to get lifelong growth. The ability to learn self-confidence
With a wide range of thinking,
International vision and sustainability
Learning the ability to grow.
Practical application
Enterprise practice application
Practice of International Marketing and International Trade
Be able to deploy the expertise to international business and international trade related workplace and life, in the combination with the theory and practice, the continuous pursuit of innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship.
  1. Combined with theory and practice, to enhance the international marketing professional. Application ability / promotion of international trade management professional application ability.
  2. Acquire the international marketing innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial ability.
Communication and cooperation
(Communication power)
Communication and cooperation Communication and cooperation Be able to use various means to communicate with others or groups, exchange ideas and work together to complete the various tasks. Enhance the basic efficiency of Chinese, English and information.
Have communication and coordination and team
The ability to cooperate.
Social care Social care Social care Be able to focus on international enterprises, society and life, to help others grow and self-realization, to show the sense of responsibility and professional ethics, and can reflect the feedback, dedication to the spirit of society. 1. With international marketing professional ethics.
2. Have the spirit of environment protection and dedication to society.
Body and mind Corning Body and mind Corning Body and mind Corning Be able to strengthen the humanities and art conservation, enhance the pressure and emotional knowledge, the pursuit of truth and good life, in order to obtain the physical and mental health and harmony. 1. With the basic conservation of humanities and art.
2. Have the ability to manage time and emotions.