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Department Introduction

The design and teaching philosophy of our curriculum follows our school motto, “Buddhist Wisdom as the Anchor.” This represents the university’s vision as well as the direction of the economic and social development in Taiwan. In summary, we strive to both utilize vitality and invigorate our society. Our department hopes to develop these talents with proficient English language skills and expertise in international marketing and trade. In addition to the integration and instruction of professional knowledge, we spare no efforts in the nurturing of business ethics among our students. 
Strategic positioning of our curriculums

We are tasked with the mission of providing education in international management using fluent English. In response to our university evolution and external environmental changes, we have strategically positioned our curriculum over the next three years as follows:

1. Leverage of the resources in Fo Guang Shan to better our teaching and research facilities.
Backed with a budget of NT$ 2.4 billion, we have just completed a large landscape engineering project and in addition have finished three new buildings: The Building of Dependent Origination (a dormitory for students and single employees), a Teaching Building and the One Faith and Student Activity Center and Gymnasium. In addition to the funds that we raise the board supports us with NT$ 200 million per annum for the improvement of teaching quality and facilities and our intention is to charge tuitions comparable to state universities.

2. Joint efforts with Fo Guang University to improve the international mobility of our students
We offer “2+2 degrees” and short-term studies during summer/winter vacations. Given the higher level of English language proficiency of our students, they are encouraged to pursue short-term studies or double majors by leveraging the joint system we run with Fo Guang University. This will improve the international mobility of our students and prepare them for the global environment.

3. Pursuit of quality with tuitions comparable to state universities as well as gradual enhancement of teaching and research momentum
Since I took the helm in January 2013, I came up with four directions, “A New Nanhua, Rewarding for Excellence and Support to the Disadvantaged, Pursuit of the Best and Marching toward Internationalization. In 2014, we announced that our tuition will be at a level comparable to state universities. We ask cooperation from our teachers and students to ensure that our budgets can also achieve a level comparable to state universities. All of the departments and faculties have set up their targets. We hope the collective efforts of all of our students and teachers can gradually build up teaching and research momentum.

4. Teaching Excellence and Best-in-Class
Since the academic year of 2013, we have been listed by the Ministry of Education as a university for excellent teaching. The implementation of the 2013-2014 Teaching Excellence Project had successfully involved all of our students, along with the Nanhua’s Project Hope. The 2015-2016 Teaching Excellence Project and Nanhua’s Project Hope aims to boost the confidence of all of our students. Teaching Excellence Project aims to establish close to one hundred benchmarks to track and improve teaching momentum and learning effectiveness. As part of the university’s efforts, our department pursues teaching excellence by enabling our teachers to energize our students so that they take a proactive approach in learning throughout the four years of their study. This will help them to achieve more in terms of professional competence, communication and collaboration, practical and hands-on experience, caring about society and physical/mental wellbeing.