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About Us

Founded with the purpose of the Program of educational philosophy aims motto of "Hui Tao flows', the school yard with the national socio-economic development goals and development needs, hopes to" promote the vitality of vitality "to achieve" the effective use of English communication international marketing or international trade talent 'mission. The learning process in addition to the commitment to integration and expertise to teach, the more attention to the healthy development and education of students moral training and workplace ethics.
The Program of Strategic Positioning
The learning process in order to "make good use of English communication training to the international business management personnel" for the mission, in accordance with the educational goals and in response to internal and external changes in the Program of strategic positioning of the next three years are as follows:

1. The advantage of Fo Guang Shan resources, hardware and software to strengthen teaching and research facilities
2.4 billion yuan to complete the "Student and staff quarters single - origin building, school building - a letter F, Student Activity Center & Gymnasium" and other three new architectural and landscape works. Further, in addition to the school self-financing, the Board additional annual investment of about 200 million yuan to support the national school fees, improve teaching quality and environmental purposes.

2. With the operation of the school system of Fo Guang University jointly promote international moving force of students
2 + 2 dual degree program and summer vacation short-term training program, the extent of the English school of Cheng Xuesheng generally higher, will encourage students to make use of this advantage Fo Guang Shan joint university system short-term study or pursue a double degree in order to promote the international students moving force.

3. National quality with the schools, the National Policy of charge, and gradually improve teaching and research Energy
After 102 years in January took over, put forward "new Southwark, award and the weak, the pursuit of excellence, into the international" four principles, then the school in 103 years, announced student admission fee to the National and called the whole school to work together to make schools the business reach the level of the National University. Currently all units have set out indicators of progress, we hope all teachers and students work together to gradually improve the teaching and research of energy.

4. Excellence established benchmark of excellence through teaching, towards excellence in teaching
102 school year began, the Ministry of Education column named outstanding college teaching, 102-103 Teaching Excellence Plan successfully promote "South China Hope Project - every student brought up the" new impetus 104-105 Teaching Excellence Plan "Nanhua hope Engineering - let each student confidence flying, "Teaching Excellence plan were established almost a hundred excellent benchmarking, comprehensive tracking and enhancing the effectiveness of teaching learning of teachers and students of energy. With schools to promote excellence in teaching, learning this process will move towards excellence as the goal of teaching, teachers drive student vitality vitality, so that students in school four years consciously learning, professional knowledge and ability, communication and cooperation, practical applications, social care and mental Corning other aspects are more cost-effective.